Point Gardens Project

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  1. Craig Malin

    Village Administrator
    Phone: 608-635-2122, Ext 204

Point Gardens will include approximately 310 single-family homes, 128 multi-family dwellings, and over 10 acres of common open space.  The project is expected to increase the Village’s population by more than 900, and tax base by more than $90 million.  The plan was developed pursuant to the Village’s Planned Neighborhood zoning classification, featuring modestly sized lots and homes, with substantial common open space, best practices stormwater management, walkability and traffic calming built into the project’s design. The project will include the preservation of the most stately trees on the property.  The project also features a unique partnership with Burpee Seeds to promote gardening throughout the neighborhood.

The Village has issued the first four building permits for Point Gardens, and construction is underway. The developer has planned to build 34 homes in the first phase (2023).

As more updates are available they will be posted here. For questions regarding this project please contact Village Administrator Craig Malin.

To view the specific implementation plan click HERE.

To view the open space plan for Point Gardens click HERE. 

To view the proposed resolution for Point Gardens SIP Phase 1 click HERE. 

For property information click HERE.