Snow and Ice Removal

General Information

All property owners are required to remove snow and ice from sidewalks abutting their property within 24 hours after a snow event has ended.

Fire Hydrants

All property owners whose property is adjacent to a fire hydrant shall also remove the snow and ice surrounding the hydrant so that access to the hydrant can be obtained from all sides.


If removal of ice is difficult the owner shall keep ice sprinkled with ashes, salt, sawdust or sand.

Placement of Snow onto Village-owned property and streets

Persons shall not cause snow and ice to be removed onto a Village street or similarly Village-owned property.

100 Block of North Main Street Exception

Property owners on the 100 block of North Main Street may dispose of their snow and ice in the parking lanes of the street abutting their property for later removal by the Public Works Department.


1. A property who has violated these rules will be issued a warning only once during the snow season.

2. If the property owner fails to remove the snow and ice after 48 hours following the warning or continues violating snow and ice rules the Village may complete the necessary work to remove the snow and ice.  The owner may also be subject to fines and billed for any services rendered.  If the bill is not paid the costs will be special assessed through the property tax bill.  

Citations for not removing snow and ice or placing snow and ice on a public way/property are $50.00.

Village Ordinance

The Village ordinance governing these rules can be found here.

  1. Scott Gorman

    Director of Public Works
    Phone: 608-635-2122, ext. 221