Running for Village Office

General Information

Are you interested in serving your community? The Village Board affords residents the opportunity to serve as a democratically elected official having the power to conduct the affairs of the Village.  

Running for office and getting on the ballot is governed by the rules of the State of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Elections Commission.  Individuals who are interested in being candidates can find all necessary information for running for office at the following website:

Running for Local Office

What Offices Does the Village Have?

The Village of Poynette has seven elected officials known as Trustees, who altogether are called the Board of Trustees.  One of the seven Trustees bears the title of Village President who presides over all meetings of the Board.  Terms of elected officials are all two years.  

The Village President is elected in the annual Spring election of an odd-numbered year (example: 2005, 2007, 2009 and so on).

Three Trustees are also up for election in odd-numbered years with the other three up for election in even numbered years.

In the event that seven or more individuals file nomination papers for Village Trustee or three or more apply for Village President, the Village will conduct a primary election prior to the Spring election.  Typically, this takes place in February.


By Village ordinance elected officials are compensated in the following manner:

  • Village President: $7,200/year
  • Village Trustee: $3,600/year

Additionally, elected officials are provided a per diem of $150/full day or $80/half day of any required training or meetings (not related to the regular Village Board meetings).

  1. Natalie Megow

    Village Clerk/Village Treasurer
    Phone: 608-635-2122

  2. Sue Kilen

    Deputy Clerk/Deputy Treasurer
    Phone: 608-635-2122