Licenses and Permits

Welcome to Poynette's permit and licenses page. We offer various permits and licenses, including building permits, dog licenses, and alcohol licenses. Our team is here to assist you throughout the process to ensure you're fully compliant with regulations and codes. Contact us for any assistance needed.

For more information on Building Permits and Building Inspections click here.

Food Truck owners we revised our permit and waived the fees for you to come and give our Village a try! Please submit all permits to Shamus O'Reilly Director of Recreation and Community Engagement.

  1. Natalie Megow, WCMC

    Village Clerk/Village Treasurer
    Phone: 608-635-2122, Ext 1

  2. Sue Kilen

    Deputy Clerk/Deputy Treasurer
    Phone: 608-635-2122, Ext 202

  3. Kenneth Fennewald

    Building Inspector

  4. Shamus O'Reilly

    Director of Recreation and Community Engagement
    Phone: 608-635-2122,Ext 205