Sewer Utility

The Village of Poynette provides sanitary sewer service. It is the Village’s policy to provide sewer service only within the Village limits, and generally a requirement for sanitary sewer for new development (see Title II, Chapter 5 of Municipal Code).  

The Village’s wastewater treatment plant, constructed in 1995, is located on the west side of the Village, at the northwest corner of West John Street and Mill Street. Treated effluent from the plant is discharged to nearby Rowan Creek. The plant has a flow capacity of 470,000 gallons per day (GPD). In 2015, average daily flow was 153,150 GPD and peak daily flow was 270,000 GPD. By agreement with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WisDNR), the Village refurbished an aeration ditch in 2012-13 to provide temporary storage and extra treatment capacity when and if needed. This was in response to a fish kill issue in Rowan Creek.

WisDNR requires a new Effluent Permit for each treatment plant every five years. Poynette’s treatment plant meets current WisDNR phosphorus limits, but the Village will monitor any changes to these limits over the next several years.  

The Village has replaced older sanitary sewer mains where needs exist and opportunities present themselves, such as in conjunction with road projects. The Village has identified existing problem areas with the sanitary sewer system. Most of these problems are associated with inflow and infiltration of stormwater, and tree root infiltration, into older clay mains.

Several properties in the Village have on-site waste treatment (septic) systems in lieu of public sanitary sewer service. These properties include homes along the western stretch of McMillan Road, along Kent Road and Mopar Drive, and within the Hickory Woods subdivision. There are no known problems with these private systems.