Water Utility

The Village of Poynette provides municipal water service. It is generally the Village’s policy to provide water service only within the Village limits. However, the Village does provide water service to some residential customers in the Town of Dekorra on the north side of Kent Street, because of former well water quality problems.

The Village of Poynette water supply and storage includes two wells, a ground storage reservoir, and an elevated tank.

Well No. 1, formerly located at Highway 51 and Tomlinson Street, has been abandoned for well over a decade. Well No. 2, located on West John Street on the south side of the Village, was abandoned in 2012 due to high nitrate levels.

Well No. 2 was replaced with Well No. 4, constructed on the same site. Well No. 4 has a pumping capacity of 600 gallons per minute (GPM).

Well No. 3 is located on the north side of the Village in the parking lot of the property owned by Lakeside Foods at time of writing. This well was originally constructed in 1969 for the Oconomowoc Canning Company. The Village took over ownership of this well in 1988. Well No. 3 has a pumping capacity of 1,000 GPM.

The 250,000 gallon elevated tank (water tower) was constructed in 1987 at the north edge of the Village. The 94,000 gallon ground storage reservoir was constructed in 1970 adjacent to Well No. 2. The facility includes two high lift pumps, which are alternated on a schedule.

The Village’s Wellhead Protection Plan, last updated in 2012, establishes an approach and policies to minimize the potential for the contamination of groundwater feeding the Village’s wells. In 2013, the Village established and mapped wellhead protection overlay zones within its updated zoning code, and refined those zoned areas in 2014 to better match the capture zones of the two operating wells.

With the recent upgrades, there are no significant issues associated with the Village’s water supply and distribution system. Further, the Village’s water supply meets State water quality thresholds. Still, the Village will continue to replace aging and failing water mains when needed, generally in conjunction with larger road improvement projects.

The Poynette Mobile Home Estates (mobile home park) on the east side of the Village and several homes along McMillan Road on the Village’s west side have private well systems.