Rowan Creek

Rowan Creek flows laterally through the southern and western sections of the Village and drains into Lake Wisconsin.  Rowan Creek runs through two of Poynette's parks.  

Recognized by many as the best trout stream in Columbia County, other fish species, such as pike, walleye, and bass, may also be found in its lower reaches closer to the Wisconsin River.  The upper four miles of the Creek are designated as a Class I trout stream and are formally designated by WisDNR as Exceptional Resource Water (ERW), while the lower eight miles are classified as Class II.  Brown trout are the predominant trout species of Rowan Creek.

​Comprehensive Plan Policy

The Village's 2017 Comprehensive Plan identifies a policy of "Enhance and Celebrate Rowan Creek".  This means the Village emphasizes the protection of Rowan Creek as a high-quality water resource and local treasure throughout Village policy making.