Board of Review


The purpose of the Board of Review is to assure that all assessments in the Village of Poynette are correct and fair. The board shall begin it’s deliberations with the presumption that the assessor's valuation is correct. That presumption may be rebutted by a sufficient showing by the objector that the valuation is incorrect.  From the evidence before it the board shall determine whether the assessor's assessment is correct. If the assessment is too high or too low, the board shall raise or lower the assessment accordingly and shall state on the record the correct assessment, and that the assessment is reasonable in light of all of the relevant evidence that the board received.


The Board of Review meets annually within 30 days of the 2nd Monday of May in the Village Hall.

Information on the Board of Review

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue publishes a Guide for Property Owners, which describes the purpose and process of the Board of Review

WI DOR Guide for Property Owners

Diana Kaschinske, Village President
Natalie Megow, WCMC, Village Clerk
Chris Polzer, Trustee
Justin Seas, Trustee
Judainne Stronach, Trustee
Joanne DeYoung, Trustee, ALTERNATE