The Village contracts with third party vendor Accurate Assessor to complete all assessment duties and functions.  Under State Law assessors are certified by the Department of Revenue and must demonstrate knowledge of appraisal and assessment laws and their administration in order to maintain their certification.  The assessment process is a highly regulated process.  

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What is assessment?

An assessment in the value an assessor places on your property.  This value determines what portion of the local property tax levy is covered by your property.  

Questions about assessments

Property owners are always able to contact the Village Assessor and discuss your property's assessment.  Use the information in the right sidebar of this page to obtain contact information.

Every year in May the Village holds what is called "Open Book."  Open Book is an opportunity for property owners to review the annual assessment roll and discuss with the Village Assessor.

Disagreeing with your assessment

Property owners may appeal their assessment if they disagree with the assessor's determination.  The first step is Board of Review, which is typically held in June of each year.    

More Information

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue produces an annual Guide for Property Owners as it relates to the entire assessment process.


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