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The "Poynette...Naturally" motto describes the recreational and lifestyle options available in Poynette. Located in the rolling glacial hills just south of the Baraboo range and the Old Military Highway connecting forts at Green Bay and Prairie du Chein, Poynette residents enjoy a picturesque setting. Lake Wisconsin (3 miles away), Devil's Lake, and numerous small lakes enhance year-round recreational activity. Wisconsin's #2 trout stream, Rowan Creek, bisects two parks in downtown Poynette.

Less than 2 miles away is the MacKenzie Environmental Center with a natural prairie, hiking trails, an animal park and a facility for environmental education. With the recent addition of a Golf Course and Club House, Poynette is a four season recreation area with all seasons providing a wealth of activities.


Alternate Street Parking Begins November 15 and Ends April 1

Between November 15 and April 1, from 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. parking is permitted on the even numbered side of the street on even numbered days and on odd numbered side of the street on any odd numbered days, except where otherwise posted. 

No All-Night Parking from 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. on both sides of
North Main St between Washington St & Seward St at all times.

Violators are subject to a $10.00 fine that must be paid within 15 days of date on the ticket.  Failure to pay within 15 days will result in the fine doubling.  If not paid within 10 additional days, court costs will be added and you will be summoned into Municipal Court.  If you fail to appear, a warrant may be issued for your arrest



        CLICK HERE FOR OUR SNOW REMOVAL POLICY                                  



Now Accepting Donations!

The Village of Poynette is now accepting donations from our residents to help better our community! The funds that are donated will be used for the specific purpose the resident requests. If the funds are not used for the specific purpose by the end of the following year of the donation, the funds will be returned to the donor. The donor may also choose to continue their donation for that purpose or put it towards another purpose. A copy of the donation form may want to be kept by the donor for a possible tax deduction. You may print a donation form from below or pick one up from the Village Office. We look forward to working with the residents of Poynette to make our community grow!

Click Here to print off the Village of Poynette Donation Form



Spring Primary Election February 16, 2016

PHOTO IDs Are Required in 2016        

To view voting and election information, visit

Absentee Voting       Polling Place/Hours Type D Notice      Combined Type D Notice

Public Test Notice

Sample Ballot     &   Type B Notice